Suvoroff Gourmet Restaurant

The new restaurant and karaoke lounge in the Pointe area on Palm Jumeirah surprises guests not only with the usual dishes of native cuisine, author's hookah and excellent service, but also with the opportunity to spend time in a variety of ways.

The space of the restaurant is divided into 4 zones, each of which reflects its own concept:

• The first floor will be an ideal place for a romantic dinner or a family lunch with children.
• The second floor for a karaoke party, a noisy meeting with friends or an evening filled with humor from popular stand-up and comedy performers.
• The terrace overlooking The Palm Fontaine is chosen by those guests who love high-quality hookahs and a calm lounge atmosphere.
• The VIP zone is suitable for business meetings, privacy or karaoke without waiting in line.

The restaurant's menu combines a mixture of Central Asian and Russian cuisines. Dumplings and dumplings are exclusively hand-made, and mustard is brought from Uzbekistan for jelly, so that you can feel the piquancy. Every morning, Suvoroff offers a breakfast menu with a large selection of the usual pancakes, potato pancakes and cheesecakes. And branded cocktails with a spectacular presentation and tinctures of our own production will turn any evening into a special occasion.

From Thursday to Sunday, the restaurant hosts theme nights with guest musicians and DJs, on Saturdays you can play Mafia, and among other things, Suvoroff Gourmet is the official Comedy Place in Dubai. Therefore, the responsibility for booking a table lies with you, and Suvoroff is responsible for your emotions and impressions.

West Side, the Pointe, Palm - Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE
+971 522571122 +971 44231061