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Restaurants & Bars

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Persona Image Lab

20% discount

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BFF Gastro Bar and Lounge

15% Discount

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Champion Cleaners

15% discount

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The Beauty House

20% discount

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Recent offers

Calo Meal Plan

10% discount

10% discount with code DACALO for all meal plans (except Business Lunch)

Caterogy: Restaurants & Bars
Expiry date: 15.08.2024

WEE Marketplace

50 AED discount

50 AED discount for the first order over 150 AED

Caterogy: Shopping
Expiry date: 20.07.2024

Airelle Rouge Restaurant

20% discount

20% from total bill

Caterogy: Restaurants & Bars
Expiry date: 21.12.2023

Suvoroff Gourmet Restaurant

20% discount

20% Discount for total bill

Caterogy: Restaurants & Bars
Expiry date: 25.07.2024

Oval Dental Clinic

20% Discount

Free consultation, free Xray, 20% discount on the basic services (scaling and polishing, fillings, RCT, extraction) only

Caterogy: Medicine & Health
Expiry date: 30.04.2024

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