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L'ETO Cafe

Expiry Date: 2018-11-30
Benefit placed in "Restaurants and Bars"
30% discount
30% discount on total bill
L’eto cafe brings the magic of great cooking to you, wherever you may be!

Imagine being in a restaurant where you can have it all. From Regional Breakfast dishes to a rich range of Display Foods to a Fine Dining A La Carte menu, and last but not least, our main attraction - the oWe bring magic to your table!

Looking for custom cakes with the WOW factor? L'ETO personalised & bespoke cakes make a seriously sweet centrepiece at any special occasion. L'ETO custom cakes are skilfully crafted to amaze and delight you and your guests. If our custom cake ideas would be translated into songs, they would sound like a mix between Beethoven’s 9th Symphony and PSY’s Gangnam Style – an insanely detailed professional approach of the crafting process, combined with the playfulness of the infantile spirit.utstanding range of Unique Cakes.

L'ETO cafe deliberately serious about making their customers happy through the virtue of the food. Whether you are feasting your eyes on L'ETO famous cake display, or enjoying a la carte in one of their 6 cafes, or ordering personalised cakes from online store. The food created by L'ETO is unreservedly portrayed as vivid, striking, aesthetically pleasing & mouth-watering, ‘sunny’ at its best! Full of intriguing contradictions, the dishes are simple yet sophisticated, extraordinary yet familiar, peaceful yet with a handful of surprising drama.

L'ETO persist with infinite passion and steadfast dedication to bring you the best quality results from the purest of ingredients, hour after hour, day after day, and year after year.

We stand by our commitment to bring you the most pleasurable eating experiences and memories that count!

link map Dubai Phone: +971 (4) 345 2209, +971 (4) 347 44 97, City Walk, Mall of the Emirates (level 1, fashion district), Dubai Mall
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