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1 Profi Cleaning

Expiry Date: 2018-08-31
Benefit placed in "Personal Services"
20% discount
20% discount for 1st cleaning
1 Profi Cleaning provides professional cleaning services for all types of properties. Our staff are well-trained and highly-qualified. They pass monthly attestation.
In our company, we have integrated Russian management style and hard-working and flexible Filipino workers.

Take your time and let us clean!

1 Profi Cleaning is invited by those people who want to see their home or office shining with cleanliness, to free time from routine, household and household work or to unload staff and to send forces and resources to more important and useful things. We are ready to act as soon as possible by calling to our customers and begin cleaning after the agreement. The cleaning company "1 Profi Cleaning" is attentive to the needs of its Clients. Our business is first and foremost, it is customer care!
Competent approach, prompt response, high level of discipline and high quality cleaning!
link facebook map forum Dubai Phone: +971 (52) 998 9977, +971 (50) 397 4006, +971 (52) 744 4808, +971 (4) 286 5985, Al Barsha 1, Al Attar, 414
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